Wedding Form

Use the wedding form below to submit your information so we can create a timeline for the entire day.  Please also use our Wedding Song Recommendations page to view song suggestions for each part of the day.

General Information


Ceremony (if applicable)

  • If we are providing music during the ceremony, please fill out the below as much as possible.

Special Events

    Grand Entrances

  • If you would like to have a grand entrance, fill out the information. Most couple choose to have everyone announced (e.g., flower girl, bridal party, parents, etc.), but some do choose only to have the bridge and groom announced. There is no right or wrong way and is based on your preference.
    General order is:
    1) Flower Girl(s) and Ring Bearer
    2) Parents of the Bride
    3) Parents of the Groom
    4) Grandparents (both sides)
    5) Bridal Party (entered as couples)
    6) Maid of Honor and Best Man
  • Grand Entrance Songs

  • Names

  • Special Dances

  • Toasts

  • Fun Events

  • Fill out the below fields if you would like any of these fun events to be included.