Wedding Log – 1/22/18

On January 13, 2018, I had the pleasure of DJ’ing an amazing wedding at the Falls Event Center in Gilbert, AZ.  I arrived two hours early as this was going to a big wedding (around 250 guests) and I was providing a full setup with full light truss and uplights.  As I arrived, I noticed the place was packed already as they were in the middle of the ceremony being held right outside of the main reception area.  We started to setup and of course I didn’t want to interrupt anything, so I wasn’t going to perform any audio tests until the ceremony was over.  The ceremony finished, and everyone went to another room for cocktails.  I finished about 45 minutes early and began testing audio and lighting.  I figured I can now relax, go get changed, and be ready in time for when everyone begins entering the reception area at 5:30 pm.  Well, guests start coming inside around 4:50 to start reserving their seats.  Luckily, I was done so I just put some soft lights up waited until my official start time.

For dinner, I played a combination of R&B, Pop, Rock en Español, and Boleros.  Music had a soft upbeat rhythm to set the mood for the evening.  The grand entrance was fun with some Snoop Dogg – Next Episode, and the first dance was a hit.  During the dollar dance, I started off with some slow songs, but quickly changed the beat with some more upbeat tracks like Salsa and Cumbias.  This led nicely into the night as I kicked off the main dancing with some Reggaeton, 90’s Hip Hop and R&B, and Cumbias.  The dance floor was packed the entire night, and I felt like I was performing at a club with all of the energy.

For a peek at the evening, take a look at the video below.  One thing I learned from this gig is that I need a better video camera.  The person that took it for me did well in taking some great video, but when the camera was right in front of my main speakers, or even up to 30 ft in front of them, the sound was really bad.  It sounds like someone turned off all of the bass and cranked up the tweeters!  Next time, I will need to tell him where not to stand, and to also slow down a bit as the video seems rushed at times.

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