Wedding Log – 1/22/18

On January 13, 2018, I had the pleasure of DJ’ing an amazing wedding at the Falls Event Center in Gilbert, AZ.  I arrived two hours early as this was going to a big wedding (around 250 guests) and I was providing a full setup with full light truss and uplights.  As I arrived, I noticed the place was packed already as they were in the middle of the ceremony being held right outside of the main reception area.  We started to setup and of course I didn’t want to interrupt anything, so I wasn’t going to perform any audio tests until the ceremony was over.  The ceremony finished, and everyone went to another room for cocktails.  I finished about 45 minutes early and began testing audio and lighting...

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Backup your music!!

I’m seeing a lot of conversations on the topic of whether or not to backup your music, and if so, how often.  The short answer is DEFINITELY BACKUP, and as often as you need to based on your activity. The money and time you spend on compiling your music is invaluable, so spending some time and a few dollars to have good backups in place is well worth it.  Outline below is how I have my backups setup based on my setup:

  • 2 internal hard drives: one is for my operating system and applications, and the other is purely for my music.

My Backup Configuration (numbers below align with the numbers in the diagram):

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Organizing Music Library

Every DJ has their own way of organizing their music library so they can find it easily during a gig.  In short, there is no right or wrong way because all that matters is what works best for you.  Below is a short tutorial of how I organize my library directly on my laptop using MediaMonkey and how it interacts with Serato.  Please note, MediaMonkey is for Windows PC only, which I have, so unfortunately this will not be helpful for Mac users; however, the overall theory should still apply within iTunes or any other media library software.

The first thing I did was to think about how I want to see my music within Serato because at the end of the day, this is where you will be looking for your music.  In my mind I had a general overall structure of how I wanted everything organized...

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2017 Labor Day Weekend Mix from Club Mega Mix Radio

Here’s my full mix from my set on the 2017 Labor Day weekend  played on Club Mega Mix Radio.

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Client Referral Program

Know someone who is looking for a DJ?  Refer them to us and if booked you will receive one (1) free hour of DJ services (valued at $120) for referring our services to friends/family.  To redeem the free hour, you must have been a previous client of ours and your referral must provide your name to us at time of booking.  The free hour must be used within 6-months of referral.

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New White Skin on Pioneer DDJ-SR

So I was going back and forth on whether or not to spice up my Pioneer DDJ-SR controller with a face-lift, and I finally pulled the plug and did it.  I purchased a white skin from 12 Inch Skinz.  This skin looks great, and gave my controller a whole fresh look.  Here are the steps I took to install it in case others have a question on how.

Original Look

This is how my controller looked originally in all its glory.  The black look is nice, but it’s time to spice it up a bit.

Top of Controller

  • The first step was to remove all of the knobs on top of the controller.  No need to remove the knobs from the front and back panels.
  • I used 2 micro-fiber cloths to clean the controller.
  • I took the 1st cloth and wiped it as much as possible.
  • I took the 2nd cloth and used a cleaner I had for TV’s ...
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Purchase a Mix via Fiverr

Request a mix by viewing my gig on Fiverr.  Click the image below to go to my gig for more details.  I can do pretty much any genre you would like such as Hip Hop, Funk, R&B, House, EDM, Cumbia’s, Bachata, Reggaeton, Old School, etc.  Just let me know what songs you want and I will have your mix ready quickly.

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4th of July Mix from Club Mega Mix Radio

Here’s my full mix from my set on the 4th of July 24 hour marathon on Club Mega Mix Radio.

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Funky House Mix – Vol. 1

Check out my latest mix on my page.

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